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Business Development Professionals

Specialized selling expertise 

If you require very specific drilling, completion, production or midstream expertise to promote your product or service, look no further. 

One of the biggest benefits of partnering with Market Growth Solutions is that we focus on specific value-added sales pipelines and seeing those to closure.

Your operations need sales professionals to uncover leads, turn them into opportunities, gain the business and nurture them to long term customers. You can hire your own, but you can also outsource the team. So, what should you do now? Due to the recent industry downturn and the havoc evoked by Covid-19, your sales force is now greatly reduced and may be nonexistent in various key areas.

Moreover, newly hired salespeople shouldn’t be expected to bring innovation, substantial revenue and strategy to your company. Their first year on the job focuses on learning your company’s business, products, it’s culture and more importantly; meeting the customer base and learning how your solution aligns with their needs. That first year or two of unproductivity is a significant investment in one person.

Sales outsourcing with Market Growth Solutions, LLC is a market / area entry or reentry strategy that avoids the risk of permanently establishing a sales office bringing on additional head count. Sales outsourcing is gaining popularity among companies venturing into a new markets or areas. The primary reason being are the problems and logistics associated with sending salespeople from outside of an area to try to gain market share. Although working with limited resources will allow you do a quick market validation, you need a consistent sales presence in the targeted market. We have an effective network of coverage with our cohesive sales team, that have been working together for many years doing precisely this. We shatter quotas, tackle complex market challenges, and expand into new markets with our dedicated sales force that serves as an extension of your brand. Utilizing our sales team saves you the time and expense of hiring, training, and managing an in-house team, while providing you all the benefits of having one. We’ve already invested in the infrastructure needed for your business to develop a successful sales cycle with our optimized mix of talent, processes and resources that are directly applied to your specific target customers and areas.