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Sales Outsourcing Overview

Expanding your sales coverage 

Sales outsourcing is an efficient way for your organization to increase lead generation and sales without investing in onboarding and the cost associated with full-time sales reps. It’s complex and challenging to build an effective sales team with rapid changes in the market. In addition, you have the added cost with posting jobs, interviewing and ultimately training your new hires on how to execute.

Seasoned Oilfield Salespeople will expect a car allowance, expense account, access to country clubs and sporting events, memberships to SPE, AADE, Geological Societies, Petroleum Clubs, Wildcatters and on and on. Also be prepared to provide a Laptop, Phone, Desk, CRM tool, Rig Data etc.. Let’s also not forget the costs of health insurance and other benefits!

Why hire one salesperson with limited touch points (sales audience), when you can have multiple people calling on the extensive customer base and market segments for a similar price? When it comes to your sales team, you want to have a strong group of technical business development people who are professional and can reach agreed upon goals while driving more success for your company. It costs less to utilize Market Growth Solutions sales team, so you can use your resources to hire more talent in areas that support the optimized delivery of your product or service.

Our Cost-Effective Business Development Professionals: If your employees work in-house (or from home) and full-time, your salary and benefit obligations are comparatively large. For smaller businesses or those operating on tight margins, a sales outsourcing solution may be the only viable option to growing your business. When you make the decision to partner with us, you are ultimately paying lower rates, and with lower overall risk to your business. MGS has a dedicated sales team focused on maintaining established relationships within the target accounts; as well as seeking out new relationships every day. Our solution drives down SG&A Costs allowing you to create value, while improving business agility.

• Access to cost-effective, industry specific (Drilling, Completion or Production) subject matter expertise

• Ability to scale resources up and down as needed

• Reduce administrative and HR costs

• Improved Sales & Marketing performance with meaningful Metrics & Measurement

• Access to proven and more cost-effective Sales Leadership

• Increased Revenue, Predictability, and Accountability

• Our direct channels can be critical to expanding market coverage.

• Drastically change your sales model (Account Based Selling, etc.)

• Ensure focus on Qualified Customer Accounts. (MSA / Credit etc).